Our philosophy

We are both bookworms and want children to develop a love of reading too.

We want children to take pleasure in reading and learning English.

We want a child’s experience of learning English to be a positive one, right from the start. English has become part of our everyday lives. The earlier children are introduced to it, the easier it is for them to feel at ease with this important world language.

We want children to experience the rhythm of the language, which will help them develop a feel for English. The rhymes make this process a lot easier.

We stand for time spent with family and shared experiences. Brown Owl visits the zoo with his friends (Book 2). They prepare for a birthday party together (Book 3). The whole family goes on an outing to the beach (Book 4).  Brown Owl and Little Jean collect honey for the family evening meal (Book 5).

We stand for sustainability and incorporate it in our stories. Brown Owl celebrates his birthday (Book 3) without the need for plastic or balloons. His birthday meal is cooked from scratch at home. At the zoo (Book 2), the friends bring their own picnic. They take the bus to the beach (Book 4) where they have another picnic and drink water from reusable glass bottles. Book 5 helps children understand the importance of bees.