About the books

Each book in the series features a short rhyming story. The books use simple, authentic language and are filled with charming illustrations. The combination of text and illustrations support comprehension of the new language.

The rhyming style introduces children to the sounds and patterns of English and helps them learn new words quickly and easily. Children pick up the rhythm of the language, and the recurring rhyme patterns help them to memorise vocabulary and internalise sentence structure.

English for children and young readers: at home and at school

Each book introduces readers to a new set of words from a specific topic (e.g. family, seaside), embedded in short sentences with simple grammar.

All books are available in two sizes:

  • Small (14 cm x 21 cm) for reading at home or alone in class,
  • Large (21 cm x 28 cm) for reading aloud to larger groups.

The “Read and Rhyme with Brown Owl” books can be read aloud to children from the age of three and read independently by young readers from around the age of eight. We provide teaching resources for English lessons here.